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My Feel Those Days

I can’t say any words,

Sink into silence

And saw him as long as I can

Feel quiet in my heart

I say without any senses

Foolish divert!

(September 2007)

For My Half Blood Angels

I’m so regret

When the time was up

I said no words

I painted no colours

On top of that,

I didn’t embrace you in our sadness

My glass granules are inundate

I wish you’ll never change

I wish you’ll never hurt me

I wish this feeling will be eternity

Till we reach out our each end

Though I want repeat these memories

I’m happier if I see that in a glass of memory

Though not more than thanks,

This is true

From the deeper of my deepest heart

You all,

That ever paint a couplet of my life poem.

8 September 2007

Yang Kuingin Kau Tahu

Aku suka semua itu, namun

Tak sehingga itu aku memilikinya

Tak setinggi itu kudapatkannya

Aku hanya sebatang pohon

Melambai dalam sejuknya angin

Meski kadang merindukannya, namun

Cukup kumenikmati sepenuh hati.

9 September 2007

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